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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Requested Sim Tamerin

Skintone:Subaxi ASV
Lips:Tifa #20


traelia said...

I fell in love with this sim! She's now one of my pose models :)

Precious Sims said...

Wow! Awesome! I am glad she is loved.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting her! She's lovely and I truly appreciate it!

Precious Sims said...

Anytime :D

zarmor said...

Hi Precious sims,
I think your sims are very beautiful and well done.

I have downloaded quite a lot of them.

Good job.

However, Tamerin has a black skin in CAS for me...

Could you please provide a link to the skintone

Thanks a lot and keep up with the good work !

Precious Sims said...

Sure! not a problem :)

Precious Sims said...

Subaxis blog is closed but I have it on Mediafire here

zarmor said...

Oh that's very nice of you.

Thanks a lot for the link :)

Nikki Yume said...

I fell in love with this sim shes beatuitfull

Precious Sims said...

Thanks she is also one of my favourites =)

Anonymous said...

I made a boy version of her she is still an awsome sim even as a boy lol :)