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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Requested Sim Trish


Anonymous said...

Super Kim, you gave me Trish offered for download. However, there is a small problem. I click download and it does not build page. I try it on and hope it works soon. Once it worked, I'll tell you about it.
I am glad that I have found with you a reliable person who also created such great clothes and sims. I would love to get to know you better. Is that somehow possible?

Greeting Marion

Precious Sims said...

Ill try to fix it,sorry about that.I am on Facebook if you want to know me better just look under Kim Nazaruk,if you cant find me let me know and if not I am always on my blog.Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,

many thanks, now the download worked. Trish is beautiful. Thank you again.
Unfortunately I have no account with facebook
but I have Skype and if you also have Skype we could write about it. If you like this, please tell me know and I'll give you my skype name.


Precious Sims said...

Yes I do have Skype.Wouldnt mind chatting with you there.

Anonymous said...

Great! My Skype Name is:
You see only a comic image of a girl with two brown braids on Skype. But if we write then you see me live on camera. I look forward to writing to you.

See you soon!

Precious Sims said...

Ok Ill be there soon :)